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Two weeks have passed and each day, each minute was a lesson in waiting. I was filled with uncertainty and darkness closed in as if to smother out all joy and light. Each day, I struggled to the surface to catch a breath and ask “why”. Each day, the same answer returned, just wait!


Two weeks have passed and some of the waiting is over. The feelings of emptiness, anxiousness and uncertainty have started to fade. Two weeks where I felt I had lost all sense of time and all connection with myself and my life.

You see darkness is real. Anxiety is the face of all your fears. Feeling like your life is not your own can be your complete undoing. But God said, “wait”. I am here and I will help you. The moments were real, the darkness was oppressing but God promised me light and today it arrived.

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God is the change we need when we struggle with life. God is the answer to our prayers when waiting is all we can do. God is the face of hope and light.


***A little back story is that the last two weeks I have faced health issues, extreme anxiety and loss of control over ordinary life. God has been shoulder to shoulder with me on this journey and even in the waiting that I might not feel better and like myself, God was the voice of reason that somehow I knew that I would come out of the darkness into light. Anxiety is real my friends and my “be the strong one” persona that I have carried all my life needed to crumble to teach me that waiting for the good is always worth it.

Blessed you hung out here with me! All the prayers I have been receiving have made a difference because calling upon God in our weakness makes us strong.


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