It’s Five Minute Friday and I am joining Lisa-Jo Baker and other FMF girls to write flat out for five minutes. No editing, no polishing, and then linking up together. I am loving this challenge! I hope you enjoy it too! Check out what Five Minute Friday is all about here!




I am grateful for…

The ordinary of life

The day to day routines that are ingrained in our souls

The rhythm of life that beats out a steady pattern of reassurance

The Monday through Friday that takes me to Room 111

My job – my passion as a teacher!

This week shows up each year on the calendar as Teacher Appreciation Week.  As the years have gone by, less parents remember and make note of this week. Students many times will follow their parents lead but then their are those who would give you anything. They love you unconditionally, hang on your every word and intuitively know what you need when you need it.

Twenty-five students occupy the desks in the classroom, listen and learn most days inspite of the messiness of their lives that mark their time away from school. Twenty – five students want my love, my attention, and my everything from 8:15 AM to 2:45 PM each day.

As tangible gifts have virtually disappeared from sight as a way to show appreciation, I recognize that it is about the 25 gifts I have sitting before me each day when I walk into my classroom.

These children give what little they have but every little piece of them was poured into the gifts they laid before me!

IMG_0900 IMG_0897 IMG_0895

Such beautiful reminders because they gave from the heart and poured every ounce of love into each gift. They made my ordinary – extraordinary because they embraced “grateful” and passed it on! They gave their greatest gifts and for this I am forever grateful!


I am thanking God today for the blessings of a job that wraps my passion in the guise of work. What are you grateful for today?



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