My friends and I are gathering together for Part 7 of our Perseverance series. We have walked through our stories of purpose, change, overcoming fear, rejection, persevering when prayers remain unanswered and more. Today Patricia Krank shares her journey of persevering through pain to freedom. She joins Holly BarrettDebbie Kitterman and I as we learn perseverance from many different perspectives.

Take a minute and allow yourself to think back to an experience that changed the trajectory of your life. As you spend time remembering, ask yourself how you handled this challenge. Did you face it and work through it? Have you stuffed the memory so deep that life went on and you believe you are okay with that? Is there residual pain from the experience that you need to address?

Patti’s words today take us through three main reactions people have to painful and challenging circumstances. She names these three types of reactions and describes the traits of these people. Patti has a powerful story of her own past filled with pain. She didn’t stop there though. Patti’s story provides ways to persevere through pain to freedom. She begins by saying:

Many of us have events in our pasts that have wounded us deeply, the most lingering of which tend to stem from childhood. As much as we try to overcome it, the pain never quite leaves us. We see others, especially those in Christian circles, walking through life with joy and victory. We try to be positive and live that way too, but there’s “this thing” that we can’t quite seem to shake. Maybe it’s a quick temper, perhaps it’s anxiety that we can’t shut down, maybe it’s a critical spirit that finds the negative in everything, or an overreaction to little things, and we don’t know why.

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I found freedom in Patti’s words when she named the three personality types. Being able to put a name with how I react to pain from my own past helps me to understand my story better. Follow the link here to read the rest of Patti’s story. I pray you find freedom in Patti’s words and peace in knowing more about yourself.

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