It is hard to believe we wrapped up eight weeks on perseverance. Our journey these last eight weeks has flown by. But not without a time of learning more about what it means to persevere in and through our lives. Today Debbie Kitterman shares a convicting story on how God called her to “get your house in order.” She joins my other friends, Holly Barrett and Patricia Krank as we wrap up our perseverance series. Each week we added another layer of how God works in and through us as we shared our stories. Now we pray for each of you as you journey in perseverance in your own lives.

Each week I marvel at the depth and vulnerability of my friends’ stories. This week as I read Debbie’s words I knew once again how God never stops speaking to us. We need to keep ourselves open to receiving God’s truth when He is ready to share it with us.

God has not spoken to me to “get your house in order.” Moments occurred when I stopped dead in my tracks because I heard specific words and whispers from God. He wants nothing but the best for us. He constantly works behind the scenes to create a new life for us. Debbie’s story has elements that mirror my own. God also calls me to be complete in Body, Spirit and Soul.

Debbie shares:

I actually had to start with getting my spirit and soul (mind, will, emotions) healthy and I needed to learn who I was in Christ. God needed to heal my hurts from the past so I could walk in forgiveness. I found the more I got free from my past and healthy in my soul, the more I could believe the truths found in Scripture. When the enemy whispered lies, I could combat them with the truths I knew from the Word.

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May we allow God to work in and through us to make us complete in Him. When we strengthen our Body, Spirit and Soul, we combat the lies the enemy throws our way, equipping us to do God’s Kingdom work.

Blessings on your week!


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