As we become brave and take tentative steps forward and perhaps backward, we start a process of feeling different in our hearts. We sense things are changing and this leads to brave faith. We may never arrive at an understanding of brave faith because the process is evolving as we yearn to deepen our relationship with God.

Brave quote-God in charge

I am discovering moments where a step across the room to talk to someone I don’t know or asking if I can pray for someone I just met, begins to feel brave. Each step is leading me to a heart change that God is slowly preparing me for in my walk. Eventually my steps will become strong and steady and I will see myself as God sees me – a brave woman!

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Brave looks good on us when we start to experience a heart change. Brave is becoming and choosing God to work in us. Brave is pointing to God while keeping our eyes focused on His truths. Brave is knowing God is in charge.

How will we stay focused when everyday life pulls us away from keeping our eyes on God?

In grace and peace,


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