God takes one still life piece of beauty and speaks volumes to bring us life and perspective. Today I am sharing snapshots of God’s glory with reflections and questions to give us the chance to go deeper in our own lives. Each image stopped me long enough to ponder – why this scene and why now??

Do you see real beauty when out in God’s world? Do you notice the color or variance in hues even when it seems to be lacking? Come take a picture walk with me to see how God speaks to you.

flowers-colors hue

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Many would walk right by these flowers thinking there is not enough color or definition. Do you see beauty or are you color blind to what is displayed in front of you? When looking at your own  life do you show your real colors? Are you authentic in your relationships with others? Most importantly are you honest in your relationship with God? The only person God wants us to be is who He made. May our words, thoughts, and actions reflect authenticity as we seek to honor God.

dragonfly bench

I love this bench for its uniqueness and the way it draws you in to inspect the symmetry of the dragonflies. Benches always speak to me of stillness, quiet and slowing down. Where do you find the quiet in your day? How do you make time to listen and spend time with God? We are called in the midst of our busyness to…

“Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10

Let’s exalt God by making time for Him daily.

wooden path

A wooden, planked pathway stretches before you. You search for the end or the direction the path is going and find neither. You reflect on your own life and find parallels that match this pathway. Questions come to mind such as, “how do I follow an unknown path for my life” and “what will keep me on the path when my plan does not fit neatly in between the wooden planks”? God asks us to… live by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7  How will you embrace this call today?

butterfly 2

The stunning beauty of this butterfly takes my breath away. I immediately draw on my knowledge of the butterfly life cycle and the transformation that takes place to produce such beauty. God does the same for us as He works deeply in our hearts to create us in His image and beckons us to follow Him. Will we allow God to do a “heart work” in us and transform us from the inside out? Click here to read my post from last week about transformation.

lighthouse beacon

A lighthouse is a beacon for ships as they travel the seas. The steady blinking warns the sailors if they are approaching land so their ship is not tossed upon the shore. My one word for 2015 is “Shine” and as I look at this lighthouse, I am reminded that my life is also meant to be a beacon of light reflecting God’s love to others. May we all shine brightly and reflect the light of God’s truth and love to all those we meet along the way.

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May your days be filled with snapshot moments and the whispers of God’s voice in the amazing beauty.

In grace and peace,


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