I love to read! I am very fond of cracking open a book and reading words that I feel were written just for me. Emily P. Freeman’s new book, Simply Tuesday Small – Moment Living in a Fast – Moving World, is that kind of book. She takes a long look at the hustle and bustle of our world today and asks you to think about becoming a bench dweller in the middle of the chaos. By sitting down and allowing life to be what it is in that moment, we are in essence slowing down to see God in our ordinary.

Two weeks ago, I wrote my reflections about Simply Tuesday in more depth here. I connected Emily’s words to my heart and what it feels like to live in this world that strives for bigger and better at every turn. I also shared her words recently at a retreat in a house by a lake and spoke of the deep connections I felt while reading her words. I cannot say enough good things about this book except – buy it!!! 🙂

As a member of Emily’s launch team for Simply Tuesday, we were able to participate in a phone call with Emily. Imagine over a 100 ladies all on the line at the same time holding the phone close so as not to miss one word that she would share. The one thing I will leave you with is Emily’s Simply Tuesday wish – what she hopes you will know after reading her book…

She hopes that you know Jesus is with you and you don’t have to do it all. She wants you to remember that you don’t have to be big to chase something. Finally, Emily hopes that you see Jesus as a gentle friend as you are reading Simply Tuesday. 

I am blessed to be able to give away one copy of Simply Tuesday to one lucky person. You can enter the contest below.

Since I only have one copy, I know there are many of you who would still love this book and its message of slowing down to discover real life in the small moments. Please head on over to simplytuesday.com to learn more and to order a copy for yourself.


Simply Tuesday Book Launch Giveaway

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