Motherhood is a story of opposites – of ups and downs, heartache and joy, hurry ups and slow downs as well as many beginnings followed by ends.

Motherhood is a series of snapshots that blur together in fast forward until one day after you’ve blinked you realize your babies are taller than you and all grown up. When early morning wake up calls are followed by an even longer stretch until bedtime – remind yourself of the gift. When the sunrise is your greeting each day after you just said goodnight to the shadows cast by the moon’s light through your bedroom window, remember that every motherhood moment is a gift from God that He blesses us with when He chose us to be a mom.

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5:00 AM comes early when you are a mom getting yourself ready for the day hopefully before the baby wakes. You hurriedly get dressed, possibly brush your hair and start rousing the baby to get in one feeding before both of you need to head out the door. You do one thorough check to make sure you remembered both shoes and all parts of your outfit but the day begins with or without every piece of your ensemble. You do this day after day, same routine, same old same old and you wonder if anything ever changes in this journey of motherhood…

My story began almost 28 years ago, when one July about midday, I was blessed with my first son. Continue here to read the rest of my story at Made to Mother.

I am blessed to be able to share my greatest joy-being a mom and the chance to encourage other moms today at


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