Growing up, one of the first things I did each morning, after I rolled out of bed, was neatly tuck the sheets and comforter back into their original spot. It was one of the first chores I remember doing and it quickly became a habit.

Fast forward to now and you will see a very different scenario playing out. I find I’m lacking motivation to complete that morning chore. I figure if no one is coming over, it really doesn’t matter. However, I’m learning this one simple habit is necessary for how the rest of my day will go.

You may wonder how making a bed makes a difference in the landscape of my day. But for me it looks like making space for the sacred.

If God is the center of my life, anytime I make room for Him increases my holy habits. Daily routines are a huge piece to the puzzle of creating sacred space for me to sit with God.

Perhaps making your bed in the morning is beyond your capacity as you prepare for the day. Or you just never developed this habit. Either way, I want us to walk together as we unpack the need for making sacred space.

Digging deeper into the “why”, I immediately recognized that I spend time in the Word, but in the context of a Bible study. Or I choose to read Christian non-fiction, but I have lost sight of the daily invitation to spend time with God.

Come join me at Lisa Brittain’s to find out how holy habits are space makers, freedom growers, grace givers and truth tellers.

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Happy Saturday and Happy Weekend friends! Come back on Tuesday as we dig more into identity.





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