On a sunny day in June, I walked through the doors of the school for the last time. I paused on the sidewalk with my arms filled with one last load of memories. Glancing quickly over my shoulder, I walked the final twenty feet to my car. I piled the last few things into the back seat, started my car and drove off.

A year and seven months later, as life moved on, school memories continue to fade from sight.

For many years of my life, I have not allowed myself to dream. As a young teacher, I began building my career. Marriage came next and soon  thereafter, motherhood. Two young sons don’t leave you a lot of time for dreaming. But that final walk out of school flipped a switch somewhere inside me. It triggered a fresh start, a time to start dreaming and the belief that dreams will come true. Hope for the future was attainable and realistic.

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Walking out of the school doors awakened a voice inside of me that whispers, “I have so much more for you. The best is yet to come.” I leaned in to listen and catch the rhythm and promise. I believed even when life looked nothing like I first imagined it would look in retirement. My hope was the spark carrying me through interruptions and unfulfilled dreams.

Sometimes our dreaming looks like unabated hope as life around us unravels. Join me at God Sized Dreams and find out how dreaming leads us closer to God when we match our heartbeat with His.

I love how God never once asks us to stop dreaming. Instead we choose that on our own. Here’s to dreaming big with hope for the future knowing that God is listening.

Creating space for dreaming,




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