Stepping out of your comfort zone leads you straight into the arms of Jesus.

One of my proud parenting moments began like this, “How big is ______ “? (fill in name of child)  Response: “So big”! says the child with arms outstretched wide. Over and over the child repeats the action each time the question is asked. The bigger the arms stretch the better. I remember asking my sons this very question. I smiled proudly as they showed off for family and friends.

It was a time of reaching beyond our comfort zone because we felt safe and secure. Stretching our arms wide to receive approval, love or affirmation was easy. Life took on a hue as easy as the banter of a mom asking her child how big he/she was. Second thoughts did not cross our minds, but instead we maneuvered life easily.

Fast forward to now and what seemed easy then looks very different. The parenting moments where you prompted your child to perform in some specific way are long gone. My grown sons are married and creating their own proud moments. Not with kids, but in how they maneuver their newly married lives. I no longer ask those silly questions, but wish that life still reflected those simple moments.

The questions get harder as you get older. The answers also are not as clear cut as repeating what your parents taught you when asked certain questions. I face bigger challenges requiring something beyond myself to complete. The safety net of growing up with parents to step in when needed is long gone. Now I encounter the question, “how big is your comfort zone”? as I seek brave faith to take me to the answer.

Several weeks ago, I wrote a post about meeting brave faith in the mountains. I ended with several things I learned along the way, hit publish and moved on. A dear online friend mentioned in her comment how I could easily develop each idea into its own blog post. From this comment, this post sprang forth. I know I do well with the easy questions, but stepping outside of my comfort zone leaves my mouth dry and stomach quivering.

How do you handle the easy questions of life? What do you do when God takes the questions to a new level and you find you must rely on Him? Do you let yourself step out of your comfort zone knowing God provides all you need?

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My hike in the mountains taught me that stepping out of your comfort zone leads you straight into the arms of Jesus. I reached the top of the mountain and was able to admire the beautiful waterfall because I let go of me and held on tight to Jesus. When one more step seemed like too much or the people hiking down the path relayed I still had over halfway to go, I looked past myself. I whispered, “how big are you Jesus”? He replied “So big” and his outstretched arms reached beyond the horizon.

Today I encourage you to let go. Your comfort zone will reach farther than your outstretched arms when you walk into the arms of Jesus. Let Him lead you forward when the way is difficult and the terrain is tough. He will never lead you astray and He will give you all you need.

Stepping into the arms of Jesus,



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