A time for defining brave

becoming brave

triumphing over fear

being brave in the stay

taking that first step

choosing God’s ways over our own agenda.

Comprehensive and compelling consideration of all things leading to brave faith. But halfway through the writing challenge the tables turned and God coached me in my own journey by reminding me that my written words were needed for myself as well as by others.

My life is marked by transition. The familiar suddenly looks unfamiliar. My identity, purpose and future plans are uncertain. I am not wallowing and asking for sympathy. Instead, I am being realistic in knowing that if there was ever a time I needed brave faith, it is right now.

I loved the challenge of writing for 31 days. Digging deeper into a topic and acquiring a new rhythm in writing, were beneficial as I pursue writing in the future. Never did I imagine that the brave words God was blessing me with were in reality written for myself.

brave collage

God took His words about brave faith and whispered how these words could make all the difference. He questioned me as I wrote about embracing God… why aren’t you reaching for me? He showed me that choosing brave in the everyday is just as important as when life is turned upside down. I wrote these words to encourage others… “God gives us the gift of grace, when we feel like giving up, as a boost on our journey to brave faith.” God instead encouraged me to take one more step toward Him and accept His gift of grace. When I boldly spoke “you all are braver than you know”, God was speaking these same words directly to me in loving assurance.

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Never underestimate the good that will come from your words. Measure the impact of each written word by how you were changed for the better. Open your hearts to hearing from God as you hit publish. When God speaks into your heart, listen well. His words are truth and will light the way.

Your word is a lamp to guide my feet
and a light for my path. Psalm 119:105 NLT

God took my words and turned the table. Instead of imparting brave faith to my faithful readers, it became “how God taught ME in 31 days”!

We are brave when we choose God to guide us! We are braver together and your presence here has made all the difference.

Let’s be brave in the journey!


I love my readers and want you to know that my 31 days series, my journey to brave faith, will not disappear since the challenge is over. Click on the button below to catch all 31 posts! Thank you for being here! You are a treasure!

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