My previous home collected roly polys like they were going out of style. Certain corners of the basement housed families of these bugs. As hard as they tried, they did not endear themselves to me. The word nuisance comes to my mind as I remember how I swept them away only to discover them taking root in the same spot a day later.

My view of these little creatures has done a 180 because who wouldn’t love a roly poly named “Dainty Doodlebug”? For the last month, I snuck moments here and there in between moving to read Holley Gerth’s new book, Fiercehearted Live Fully, Love Bravely. In one of the beginning chapters, Holley shares the story of Dainty Doodlebug, which was her favorite bedtime story lovingly created by her mom. This story and lesson captivated me.

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Throughout this new book, unique stories of Holley growing up grace the page. Even though the stories were of Holley’s childhood, I found myself nodding my head in agreement over and over. I remember similar stories of my own, but don’t know if I always pondered the same lessons.

Fiercehearted is a book for all women of any stage of life. Dainty Doodlebug brings the reader back to a time of childhood where play was as easy as breathing. When we grow into our more mature selves, we lose this piece of childhood because we are afraid to get messy. Faith is a journey of messy and trust and that it is okay.

Holley encourages us throughout and we begin to believe we can live fully and love bravely. She cheers us on by:

Reminding us we are braver than we feel, stronger than we know and loved more than we’ve yet to see.


Calling us to live our own imperfect stories without comparison.


Showing us that life is not neat like a perfectly wrapped package. It is messy and frustrating but that’s because we are so human.


Pointing out that God is always with us, even in the divine ordinary.


Looking at each other and discovering we are all “God-miracles”, full of beauty, wonder and God’s infinite, incomprehensible doing.

Holley is not afraid to tackle fear, comparison, perfectionism, grief and more. She takes these topics and scatters grace, God’s truth and understanding throughout. Fiercehearted is not for the fainthearted, but is sure to capture your heart and fill you with reminders of the beautiful you God created.

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I will never look at roly polys the same again. God takes even the smallest creatures to teach us that in our stubbornness or imperfection, we still belong to Him. Holley ends her chapter on “What I Know Now” with these words:

Let’s remember we are all still in the middle of the messy, beautiful work of becoming.

We spend our lives becoming. But along the way through childhood to adulthood we can lose a sense of who we are. God pulls us back by reminding us of His love, grace and strength. Fiercehearted takes us on the journey of rediscovering we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

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