If I take a peek at my calendar, I notice how quickly the holidays are approaching. Countdowns to Christmas have already begun and stores are displaying all things Christmas. I start breathing faster at the thought that I don’t have enough time.

About five years ago, I rediscovered the season of Advent. I found such joy in the pause and learning how to wait well. I desired to dive deeper into Advent and wanted to pursue the season as a beautiful prelude to Christmas. The journey has taken me farther and deeper than I imagined. The result is that God met me along the way and showed me what it looked like to become people of Advent.

Who are the People of Advent?

It’s easy to share what I believe about the people of Advent, but let me first share how others responded.

Here are some of the responses after sharing a crowdsourcing post on Facebook:

  • I think it means that we recognize that we are living in the waiting and we are doing it expectantly. We celebrate every day that Jesus came to earth and what he did for us, but we also live as if he could return any day and we are anticipating that return every day.
  • The anticipation of the arrival of Messiah.
  • I think it means that we become people who know “when” we live. Once we know when we live (between Jesus’s first and final arrival) then we live fearlessly implementing the work Jesus started in his ministry.
  • Follow up to the answer above–I love what he said and believe that changes EVERYTHING about the way we live with hope.
  • Living in joyful celebration of Jesus’s first coming while also leaning into the longing for his second coming.
  • Heartfelt love remembering His first coming; Giddy joy as we dream of his second coming.
  • He is coming humbly!
  • We are watching and waiting with goodness in our hearts! Preparing the way.

I love all of the answers and I hope you all will share your thoughts in the comments below.

There is not a right or wrong answer. What I know is that we all can become people of Advent as followers of Jesus. It’s still a choice but it is one that will change everything.

Key Ideas to Becoming Advent People

My rediscovery of Advent and my choice to learn more about it have changed who I am and how I walk through my daily life. I was taught that Advent was celebrated the four weeks before Christmas and that was it. Those four weeks focused on preparing for the birth of Jesus through prayers, lighting candles, and knowing there was the gift of the babe on Christmas day.

I loved what Advent could be but always wished that the four weeks would stretch out over a longer period of time. The Good News is that we can live an Advent life every day of our lives. Advent is the time between when Jesus was born and when He will come again. It encompasses our lifetime and reaches beyond. This changed what I knew about Advent and how I could “celebrate” Advent all year long.

God takes the expectancy, preparation, waiting well, and making space for Him and shows us how to embrace them in our everyday life. He reminds us what this looks like through the truth of His Word.

Let’s become followers of Jesus. As a follower of Jesus, we access to His grace, strength, provision, and protection. All of the things we need to get through our lives.

Let’s prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus through prayer, time spent with Him, and a posture of humility. Preparing our hearts for the coming of Jesus is one we can do daily. I know that by centering myself in my quiet time with God, I am better equipped to make it through the day.

God is present in every season of our lives. He walks us through times of wilderness living and points us to the hope we find in Him.

As followers of Jesus, we are asked to make room for Him. I need to work daily on removing the clutter in my life. This keeps my eyes focused on what is most important–God.

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Thank you, everyone! I am praying this message reaches all the right people and that you are blessed by becoming a people of Advent.

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