I don’t know where I first saw this and when I first heard it. I know within the last year these five words have been shared and have made an impact on me.

My son has made “I can’t, but He can” his mantra. It is his reminder, inspiration, encouragement and strength when brave is overshadowed by challenges and strength is getting beat up by weakness. When the light at the end of the tunnel is not even a pin prick or the mountain of life is too steep to climb, these five words beat a steady drum beat.


As our church’s Brave journey comes to an end, my brave journey has just begun. A step toward “yes” when God says this is my next step for you. A joining arms with others to strengthen the “yes” and walk forward. A squishy feeling in the pit of my stomach that wraps nervousness and excitement together in one tight bundle. Through it all, I will keep “I can’t, but He can” on repeat as my reminder that God is the way through, around, up or by the obstacles that block the path.

As I took a walk the other morning… Read the rest of my post at The Weekend Brew.

Have a blessed weekend!


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