In this great expanse of our world, the people are numerous, the hardships are real and our place is anointed. We are chosen and uniquely created for this very time from the inside out. We mark this life with an array of colors that identify our humanness. Our souls were gifted to us by our Creator who chose wisely and then gave the choice back to us as to how we journey through life.

But in all the anointing, the beauty and uniqueness, our voices have become loud, dissonant and condemning. We seek to be heard, to be seen and to be known. Our ways do not always follow a path that leads to truth and as we stray we lose sight of who we are supposed to be.

Psalm 10-17

The faceless and nameless strive to become more and the process causes messiness and division. Our world has always housed persecution but the cycle continues as we face hatred, misunderstanding and lack of regard for our neighbors. The result is Ferguson, McKinney and Charleston – cities that are breaking down because of the fear that dwells deep in our hearts.

O Lord, you hear the desire of the afflicted;
you will strengthen their heart; you will incline your ear Psalm 10:17

The nameless have become household names and the faceless have been ID’d as their pictures scroll across our screens. The voiceless struggle to be heard and shout into the cacophony of noise that drowns out any chance of peace. The time for the voiceless to speak is now. The time for silence is over.

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As we seek to understand our current culture and examine our own beliefs and views, we have an opportunity to speak loudly in a voice that proclaims forgiveness, love and grace. For we are all one world made of many people, but the common factor is we are all children of God. We can create a beautiful melody of voices that shout in harmony of love for our neighbor or we can continue to be silent and buy into the dissonance that is beyond our understanding.

Deidra Riggs wrote a powerful post last week titled “For Those Who Are New to the Conversation”. Click here to read it in its entirety. This post describes me and my hesitancy to join the conversation because it involves race and I am white! I have never fully explored my feelings, views and misconceptions until this past year as I began joining a group of ladies around the table once a month to understand race and how to build unity in a culture that seems to defy it more than embrace it. The events of the last few months have stirred something deep within and Deidra’s call to join the conversation is where I need to begin.

Her call spoke straight into that silent place that I keep locked away and these words spoke the truth I needed to hear.

You are the called. You are the chosen. You are God’s messenger in a world of Christians who can’t seem to get their act together.

In this time of hurt and broken hearts, our hearts should be broken too. Our hearts should be crying buckets of tears for the nameless that fill our social media feeds as we ache for the injustice, brokenness and division that fills our communities. But crying is not enough and it is time to join the conversation with hearts of love and acceptance. The time is now and the choice is ours.

Will you join the conversation and how will you face your own fears as you begin?

In grace and peace,


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