I was reluctant to write these words because saying goodbye to summer is hard to do. I am hanging on to the last remnants and refusing to let go. A rush of summer memories clouds my vision and I let the feelings wash over me one last time.

i love you summer 2

Oh summer, I have basked in your sunlight stretching from end to end each of your days. I have soaked in the vivid colors that filled my eyes as far as I could see. I rejoiced in the morning as the birds whistled their morning song. Each day was a new discovery, opening wide for me to see. How fast your beautiful days flew by and now the heat is waning and your days are slowly growing shorter as Fall is ready to take over. Oh, how I love you, summer!

And now… The vivid colors are fading as the first leaves twirl in flight to the ground. Birds are gathering their own to make the long flight to find warmth for the winter as they dot the sky in their V-shaped patterns. The lightning bugs have turned out their lights until next summer and the crickets sing one last chorus with gusto before the official change of seasons takes place. I am still holding onto all that summer promised and provided, but my effort is in vain. Fall is quickly overtaking you, Summer, with every green leaf that turns gold and every flower that loses its bloom. Saying goodbye is so hard to do.

The images of summer as they fade into fall show me that holding on is admirable, but change is inevitable. Letting go of the familiar and loved can be difficult, but when we see what change has to offer, we can be equally amazed.

I love you summer

[Tweet “God asks us to release the familiar to Him and in return He provides an opportunity for growth.”]

The things we hold onto the tightest are the ones that God asks us to release to Him. He sees the tight knuckle grip, but He knows there is something better in the letting go. The transition from summer to fall is a lesson in letting go. The gradual redesign of the seasons teaches us in slow motion the beauty of change unfolding before us.

Change is not a choice that many of us seek willingly, but the opportunity to learn, grow and become who we could be on the other side of letting go, is worth it. How willing are we to let go of the familiar and choose the new? Do we allow ourselves the chance to seize new opportunities, knowing that we may leave behind easy and walk straight into hard?

psalm 59-17

The change of seasons always brings on a time of reflection and examining life from a perspective of comfortable assuredness. We lull ourselves into a rhythm of familiar and when transitions occur as they are sure to do, we flounder and resist moving forward. We forget that there is One to whom we can release everything and He will lovingly teach us how to take those steps forward.

But I will sing of your strength,
in the morning I will sing of your love;
for you are my fortress,
my refuge in times of trouble.
17 You are my strength, I sing praise to you;
you, God, are my fortress,
my God on whom I can rely. Psalm 59:16-17

God remains our stronghold through the seasons of our life. As changes move our lives into the unfamiliar, God always shows us His great love.

My prayer for all today is that we remember God’s strength and constancy as we leave the familiar and embrace the unfamiliar in our lives.

In grace and peace,


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