Several weeks ago, I found myself in complete darkness. My power unexpectedly shut off on the coldest night of the year. Sitting with a hot bowl of soup, I was just settling in for a night of warmth and relaxation when my world became black. Using my phone as a light, I finished my homemade chicken noodle soup, not in the least flustered by the situation. I eventually lit some sweet, smelling candles and resorted to a battery-operated flashlight rather than relying on my phone. An hour into the darkness, my perspective began to change.


What if life was devoid of light and darkness prevailed? What if our comfortable became uncomfortable? What if there was no end in sight due to this shroud of darkness?

Sitting in the dark taught me that…

1. Life in darkness is distorted

2. Nothing is as it seems – shadows deceive, objects take on new life, the familiar has vanished

3. A balanced life is quickly thrown off kilter and your world sways precariously side to side

The dark showed me a picture of an empty life that was steeped in routine, struggles, no joy and no end in sight. The lessons learned in the darkness looked like this:

  • Darkness snuffs out light and life
  • Darkness steals our joy
  • Darkness pretends to love and comfort-it does neither
  • Darkness is a life without God

When your life is dark and overwhelmed by imbalance and a lack of focus, where do you turn for help? In your weakness, where do you turn for strength? Will you reach out and take the Hand of the One who is light?

How can you take the Hand of God when you feel lost and closed in?

1. Step out, take the first step by desiring something better

2. Find a friend who can point you to resources that will grow your light and then your joy

3. Read God’s Word. Learn His promises and truths. They will sustain you in the darkness and bring you light.

4. Step into community, a place of believers, who will walk this walk with you and support you in your journey.

God steps into our darkness, provides a light and walks with us in this journey. He is present for the moments of darkness and uncertainty as well as for the joy-filled moments of pure clarity. God is who we need when our life is out of balance and lacking focus.

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God is our perspective changer, our light, our joy! Grab hold of His Hand today. He will not let go, ever!

Please let me know how I can pray for you today!



Oh, and a big thank you to all my friends who offered to house me for the night. I had a warm place to sleep that night and I was feeling the love even in the dark!

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