Allow me to lead you! Powerful words that God speaks to us and He feels absolute delight when we willingly accept. You have been given “Perfect Nos” in your life and you have transitioned through the change. You find yourself in a new place – a better place – a home!

Home because God is with you and He chose this place for you. Home that feels less than comfortable at times, but it is the next stop on your journey. Several weeks ago, I wrote what it feels like to receive The Perfect No and the inevitable change that follows. Click here and here to catch up.

Almost 10 years ago, I had an opportunity to travel to Austria and the Czech Republic with my church’s choir. With lots of planning, saving and hard work this dream became a reality and I visited countries I had only read about. The ten day trip included a visit to three different cities with an average stay of about 3 days per city. Each moment was carefully planned and in between concerts our itinerary was filled with the sights that each city was famous for. Since our stay was only a few days in each city, as soon as a sense of comfort descended, it was time to move on. Each hotel was a temporary stop which never quite became home.

Home is an illusionWhen we journey through a change or transition, home is an illusion because we are consumed with what is happening around us. Our surroundings are blurred by the uncertainties that are hitting us from every side. We search for familiar and cling to any thread that takes us back to the place we were before everything changed. But God’s plans are perfect even though His timing is not our timing. His “No” for our lives ends up turning into an amazing “Yes” as soon as we let go of the familiar long enough to take His hand to our new home.

There is a saying that says “Home is where the heart is” but it should say that “Home is anywhere God is” because the physical surroundings might have changed, but God remains constant.

As change comes our way, we question “why” and “how”. The familiar has changed and settling in this new place might not line up with our goals, but God’s plan is perfect even though the surroundings are unfamiliar and uncomfortable.  God has chosen this place for us for this time in our lives. We might dig in our heels and question “Is this home?” but the answer is always “yes”.

God’s “nos” speak clearly and when we embrace the change it turns into an amazing “yes”. In the “yeses” of our lives, God graces us with the skills needed to make our way through the transition to a place of deeper relationships with Him. The beautiful piece of this new home is that God is actually building this home in each of us. The physical surroundings might be different, but the acceptance of God’s plan allows Him to build His Spirit into you right where you are. The promise of the verse below is comforting and reassuring in the midst of any change that comes our way.

22 And in him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit. Ephesians 2:22

May we all hold tight to God and the promise that He will be with us always even when the way is hard and uncertain. I am praying today that we all may believe that God is true to His Word.



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