I can remember times in my life when an adamant “no” came flying out of my mouth. I would rather kick and scream than give up my “no” because in that moment I felt justified that I was right. I am a grown adult and pushing back in the form of a mini tantrum is not pretty, but standing strong in my position seems the only way to go at times. What can we possibly believe is worth that much of a fight?

Life experience adds restraint and understanding to situations that I did not always have when I was younger. We learn that getting our way at any expense is not the choice God wishes for us to choose. We find we can back off and let go when we turn to God to advise us in difficult times. We find beauty when we are handed a “no” answer because God’s “yes” is exactly what we needed. We allow God’s truth to permeate our choices and turn our adamant “no” into His beautiful “yes”.

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our no transformed

God’s grace is transforming and accepting this gift allows us to pause and carefully choose what God desires rather than what we stubbornly are fighting for. We do not become brave in our faith by overriding God’s decisions. We grab brave faith when our heart is in sync with God’s desires for our journey. Today we can let God transform our no into His yes because we choose brave faith and God’s truths as our answer.

With grace and bravery, let’s walk away from our stubborn “noes” to God’s beautiful “yeses”.


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