Summer is quickly fading. The time for fun, family and friends is drawing to a close. August signals an ending as school begins and poolside gatherings start to shut down. Busy routines return and we face a period of letting go of the easy, casual days of summer. Easy come, easy go! The lingering of daylight stretching from early morning to late night gradually retreats into shorter days. We face a time of endings and beginnings. We count on the seasons to appear in order each year – easy come, easy go.

Letting go-Eph 3-20

As we stretch our days and fill them with one more swim party, picnic or family gathering, we learn that letting go is part of life. Beginnings and endings cycle through daily. The hard looks harder and the easy stays the same. Embracing an easy come,easy go attitude is not easy.But what if I reassured you the hard does get easier? Or that letting go is a gift and not a burden? Would you believe me?

Letting go is a lifelong journey infused into our everyday. It is God showing up daily to walk it out with us. It is a choice to invite God into the easy and hard days knowing He is the one who will always fill the space when letting go empties us of ourselves. Letting go is not just a process of saying “goodbye” but the start of many “hellos”.

My journey of learning about letting go – the good, bad and the ugly – continues to stretch me into new understanding. The lessons are blessings from God and also you, faithful readers. The last three weeks my focus stayed mostly on the hard pieces and loss of letting go. Today we will walk together into the promise that the hard gets easier.

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What I know for sure is that God challenges us in life, but does not desire for us to stay in the hard and messy. I am learning how God takes every season, each struggle and all the in between, to not only teach us, but show us that by focusing on Him, we will always reach the other side. What seems impossible today is possible tomorrow. The endless season of letting go turns into new beginnings. Life is not just a series of “goodbyes” but a discovery of “hellos” each time we let go and trust God with the outcome.

In my time away recently, I uncovered lessons of new beginnings or the gift of “hello”. God teaches me in every conversation, real life meetings and unexpected family time.

Letting go turns into letting God when….

I linger in the moment.

I embrace unexpected interruptions as beautiful gifts.

Being present is the most important thing rather than the next item on my list.

I see God’s hand in everything even the difficult times of letting go.

The next “hello” is my center and not the hard “goodbye”.

I allow “easy come, easy go” to drive me knowing God’s plan is the best plan.

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. Ephesians 2:10 NLT

During the last few weeks, family, friend and God time, pointed me to a new perspective. Letting go continues to prove difficult,  but a lot of love, lingering and letting go of my preconceived notions points me to where my eyes should have been looking the whole time – God!

letting go, easy come-family

I hope you enjoy these pictures of family, friends and beauty.

letting go-freinds

letting go-butterfly

letting go, easy come-bridge

letting go-family 2

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Thank you as always for being here and blessing me with your wisdom, encouragement and faith.

Blessings of grace along the way!

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