When I was nine or ten, my family took off in a station wagon one summer and headed north. Memories of deep blue skies, evergreen tree-lined roadways, and rolling sand dunes came flooding back last week as I traveled north again. The connection of a new experience with the old creates beautiful life intersections.

life's intersections

Childhood memories are the foundation for our future dreams. What once was, when nurtured, blossoms into memories that are better than remembered. The blue was a little bit bluer, the evergreens stretched taller along the road and the dunes were beautiful even though they were not quite as big as I remembered. A tug has been pulling on my heart to reconnect with the past to walk into what is yet to come. For over a year, I knew I needed to journey back to a state that brought happy memories of family, summer, beauty and a passage from childhood to adulthood. Each experience shapes, teaches and brings us forward into knowing more and becoming who we were meant to be.

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Our life intersections may look like a connection of the old with the new. They take what we know, grow it and set it free to carry us into the future. Other times, a life intersection is a change in direction from what we once knew to something brand new. At these times, our experience travels with us to provide the connection and assurance we need to journey into the unknown.

God is in every intersection, each experience and in the journeys that connect us with the unlikely. He is our guide and the Master Connector at putting all the pieces together to make the beautiful whole He calls “us”. God brought me back to a place with happy memories to remind me that what once was will be again. Childhood joy is a beautiful foundation for the journey God has planned for me. His path is sure and it will lead me ever closer to Him.

You will go out in joy
and be led forth in peace;
the mountains and hills
will burst into song before you,
and all the trees of the field
will clap their hands. Isaiah 55:12

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Knowing God, provides us with the strength and connection to make it through life’s intersections. His ways are sure and His love is unfailing. His footsteps are the guide as we choose our path and walk with certainty into the future.

May we go forth in joy because we see God in the intersections of our lives and know that He will always be there to pull us through.

What life intersections have you come to that you saw God’s Hands in every step?

Blessings of grace along the way!

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