I look in the mirror and see laugh lines that have experienced much joy, skin that shows a life well lived and a smile that is ever present. If I glance quickly, the reflection looking back at me is my mom’s and the knowing look reassures me that life is what you make it.

I walk slowly some days, looking back to remind myself how far I have come and look forward,  in celebration of all the days I have already been given, while still yearning to see what will unfold. Life is what you make it and legacy is the best of what we have made.

Making it Home

Life is full of big changes now and each day is steeped in rediscovering my identity. I no longer carry the title of teacher day in and day out and seek to learn what new title I should wear. I carry the name “mom” close to my heart, but am learning how this changes over time too. Two sons grace me with the name “mom” and I carry this identity as one of my greatest gifts. Soon the name “mom” will take on a new meaning as two daughters will join the family when they say “I do” to my two sons. Who we are is found in the choices we make and in where we center our focus.

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They say wisdom comes with age and there is truth to that. But wisdom comes when we embrace God’s truth as our own. When we learn that truth is found in God and He is always who He says He is, we are reminded of our identity as His child. It is in the act of seeking God, we learn who we are because in the striving we know Him better.

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The answers do not lie in one more accomplishment or in the collection of things to surround ourselves with, but in God who is the answer to our every question. Whether we are young, older or somewhere in between, we seek an identity to carry with us as our badge of honor for others to see. But when that badge changes and we are uncertain of what’s next, our identity is compromised and we learn over and over how to embrace those times in life when we are in a holding pattern. I start asking myself these questions and challenge you to do the same. How do you find the answers that will leave you satisfied in a life that is always looking for more? Where and in whom do you find your identity and purpose?


I am currently in a period of waiting to discover what’s next. I am looking forward, but the path is not clear. I am learning that being still does not mean staying stuck. My forward motion is led by God and intentional time with Him, as well as an open heart, guide me in learning those next steps. I am discovering that home is found when we look for our identity and purpose and find it in God.

Emily Wierenga in her new book, Making It Home, shares how she has been seeking peace, identity and purpose through intimate details of her life There are times in our lives when we are unsure of who we are and our purpose is wrapped up in discovering our identity. She describes it like this…

But our hearts – they wander around outside our bodies without a place of residence.

I understand how this feels, but I don’t settle there and instead let my faith lead me forward. When we feel lost in life and who we are, it’s as if we are playing hide and seek with ourselves. We count to ten, look around, count to ten again, but never find our hidden selves. In God we are found and secure in who we are because He knew us even before we were born.

“I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb.
Before you were born I set you apart
and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5

When we are in a holding pattern, unsure of what’s next or overwhelmed by the rush of life, our identity is always secure in God.

Life is what we make it and choosing God as our center helps us to find ourselves every time.

In grace and peace,


This post was inspired by Emily Wierenga’s new memoir, Making It Home: Finding Peace, Identity and Purpose. Download free sample chapters and order the book here. #MakingItHome

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