never stop needing mom2   I am blessed to have a mom who is willing to listen, advise, and pray for me even though I am probably considered to be in middle age myself  (Whew! That was hard to admit!) Every time I think I am completely independent and ready to conquer the world, I am reminded how faraway this reality is. Recently I have been plagued with multiple challenges on the home front – creatures wanting to take up residence in my home and water pouring through my kitchen ceiling. Life has been on the edge and I am right there on the edge with it. Several nights ago as I discovered another mouse (who as of this writing is still on the loose), I felt my world spinning out of control and as hard as I was trying to hold on my fingers were losing their grip. I called my mom to get her weekly grocery list and before the conversation ended, I blurted out about my latest discovery – a mouse!!! In that moment all 53 of my years peeled away and I was a vulnerable child needing my mom. As I sobbed into the phone, I could feel the love of my mom through the phone in just a few words. The immediate comfort I received was like wrapping yourself with a clean towel still warm from the dryer. I could feel the vise of fear and insecurity loosen just a little. You see – you never stop needing your mom! Love, comfort, strength and courage are all wrapped up in moms.. These same virtues are wrapped up in our Heavenly Father. God has wired moms to be unique women to nurture and surround those around them with love. God annoints moms You see… God anoints moms with many special gifts! God anoints moms with a wisdom that goes beyond “because I’m the mom and I said so” advice. God anoints moms with an unending love to share with her children and all others even on days when there is little love left to give. God anoints moms with superhuman strength to not only take care of the kids, the house, her job but also provides just a bit more to be involved in other activities outside the house. God anoints moms with a courage to face difficult challenges with grace. My mom is a model of courage each day. God has blessed moms and especially my mom who has taught me how to be a mom and lead by God’s example of grace, courage and love.

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for all moms today. Thank you for the gifts that you bestow on all moms. Thank you for anointing them with unending wisdom, love, strength and courage. Bless them with your grace today and everyday as they walk through another day following the path that you have laid out for them. Surround them with all they need and may they model your love as they touch and bless others. We pray this in your loving name, Jesus! Amen!

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