I wake up some mornings and lie in disbelief as I realize another week has passed. I take account of the week and wonder if I have lived fully and loved well. It’s easy to remain in a place of feeling stuck without outward signs to prove otherwise. Life this past month and year has looked like sitting, being still and waiting for God.

God does not believe we waste our time but instead continues His work in the deepest parts of our heart. Life this past month as well as the last year is a testimony to all of God’s work in me.


On October 19, a piece of my journey is now a gift for others. I wrote a 31 day devotional that chronicles my path toward brave faith. I learned that before this book could enter the world, I needed to live out some of my words more completely. Until I fully understood what brave looked like in my own life, my words or more specifically God’s work in me, would fall flat.

Life this past month kept me away from my own writing home and social media. I still popped in here and there and words flowed, but editing consumed me as my learning curve developed in the area of self-publishing. Time in front of a computer screen without feedback from all of you produced some anxiety and loneliness. You are my people and you all make me brave.

Today I am humbled and honored that God trusted me to walk bravely with Him. The lessons continue to unfold daily as God teaches and prepares me for taking future steps by His side. I am excited to tell you that sitting with God so He can work from the inside out is a gift. What looks like nothing is happening is when God works best. He takes each broken piece and makes us whole one piece at a time. Sitting in the tension with God was my life this past month. Producing His fruit was His beautiful gift to me and to you.


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Announcing Brave Faith A 31 Day Devotional Journey! How will you know if this book is for you? If you say yes to any of the following, you are ready to explore brave faith.

Does hearing the word “brave” send your stomach into a tizzy or cause your palms to sweat profusely?

Are you a person who believes others are brave, but would never use that word to describe yourself?

Are you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and say “yes” to God’s call?

Walking this journey for 31 days will help you learn, explore and embrace God’s truth by drawing closer to Him.

To all of my people and those of you who stopped by here for the first time today, you make me brave! Your encouragement, love and willingness to walk with me is the gift of who you are every time you stop by.

My prayer for you is that this book leads you to courageous “yeses” when you step out of the boat and walk toward Jesus. Your story is God’s story. You are fearfully and wonderfully made and YOU are braver than you know!

Here is God’s fruit-His gift-and now your gift. I pray this book blesses you!

Walking bravely with God!

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