April was nothing like I expected and better than I imagined. Winter did not want to leave even though I begged and begged. The month dragged on with no end in sight until one morning it didn’t. The spring green that I longed for appeared out of nowhere and the weeping cherry tree in front of my house showed off its soft pink flowers. The hope and expectancy I held onto suddenly was right in front of me.

I tell people I’m a sunshine girl. My mood, perspective and attitude each day very much matches the weather. But the moment you wake up to the promise of spring, everything seems to change. April is now a memory, but the expectancy of spring is a promise I should hold onto everyday.

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I am learning …

How patience is a daily discipline of embracing it with everything I have or turning away. The lingering winter tested me on so many levels.

What it looks like to say “yes” to a neighbor for a movie night, weekly dinners with my son, the difference a smile makes for others, and taking walks even when it is still too cold outside.

I am loving …

In real-life connections with the ladies in my leadership cohort that I previously only saw through my computer screen.

The joy of seeing how God works through women who gather for a retreat not knowing if they will like it and watching them leave filled and wonderstruck.

Meeting Shannan Martin, author of Falling Free, in person. She is the real deal. It was a blessing to meet her this past weekend at the Renewal retreat, where she was a speaker.

I am living …

A better version of myself. What this means is I am getting better at claiming who God says I am rather than what others say or what I interpret from multiple social media feeds.

Knowing I am loved, valued, and cherished by God. I wrote about my journey to discovering my identity HERE and HERE.

With the truth that God is faithful. We wrapped up a retreat this past weekend that we began planning a year ago. Just when you want all the details to fall into place, you find that God has other plans. All I knew and kept telling the core team is that the retreat was exactly what God planned. I rested in the peace that God had it under control. The result was beautiful and we all left knowing God is planning a bright future for Renewal.

April is another month on the calendar, but the constancy of God is lifelong. Just when you believe one season will never leave and the new one won’t arrive, God surprises you and seems to say “It’s all under control.” Our deep longing is seen and heard by God. The hope of a better tomorrow is on the tip of His tongue and is the desire of His heart.

Here’s to knowing we serve a God who is present in every detail, loves more than we can possibly fathom, and someone who washes away the gray of winter with the bright green of spring. He is consistent, patient, and always on our side.

Happy May everyone!

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