Oh, March! I hear your roar. I see how you cling to winter like a long lost friend. But hope is coming. I see it in the buds ready to burst open in joy. The dull green landscape is brightening and the winter browns are turning golden.

As you make your exit, your last hurrah becomes a faint memory. I open my arms to the new life of spring and the beginnings it brings. Glimpses of sunshine, blue skies and the chirp of birds brings hope that winter is finally ready to say goodbye.

March is a land between the gray of winter and the hope of spring. This year it is dragging its feet in one last act of defiance. But my heart leans into what will be and it comes with hope and joy.

March is teaching me perseverance and what the promise of tomorrow looks like. I am learning…

How to savor all days even when there is no sunshine. God is still present and when I open my eyes each morning, I make a choice to say “thank you” as my first act of worship.

To take time to do something good for myself daily. My friend, Beverly, reminded me of the importance of this in her post, What are you Going to do Good for Yourself Today?

That “when I hold onto the wrong things, the wrong things hold onto me”. John Freeman (Emily P. Freeman’s husband)

I am loving …

Priscilla Shirer’s book, God is Able. She digs into Ephesians 3:20-21 phrase by phrase. This book is hitting me in all the right places.

The song, Holy Ground, by Jeremy Riddle. It might play on repeat at home, in the car, and when I am walking!!!

Writing! Yes, I am not sure about the rest of your writers out there but I am in a season of a deep passion for writing. God takes my every word and sifts them through His fingers as He refines them for you. Not sure how else to explain it but writing provides joy, healing, encouragement and life lessons all wrapped in one package.

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I am living … 

Through a season of daily surrender. Whew! It is hard work. God is digging deep and I question why it takes me so long to learn how to release everything to Him. The quote above from John Freeman is a good way to start my day. I name what is wrong(holding me back) and ask God to replace this stinking thinking with His truth.

The walk to the cross. I see the shadow of the cross ahead and walk with purpose to sit in the presence of Jesus. As I match my steps with His, I see the weight He carries and understand the sacrifice a little better. The resurrection three days later beckons me to walk in the promises that rose when Jesus Himself became a new creation. The resurrected Jesus is the promise of new life for all who believe. Follow me on Instagram for daily Holy Week reflections.

Knowing that when March ends and April begins, I walk in the hope and promise of our resurrected Savior. New life blooms from the remnants of winter and blossoms into the beauty of spring.

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As March ends, I want you to know I am thankful for each you. The blessings you leave in the comments bring such encouragement to all.

I am walking through this week and next with intentionality. A slowing down and time to breathe deeply of the love of God. I will see you all again in a week or so. As I mentioned above I am posting daily reflections on Instagram this week. I also share words every Sunday at @daughterofdelight on Instagram. You will find my Easter reflection there this Sunday. You will find daily delight and encouragement by following @daughterofdelight on Instagram.

Let’s walk to the cross together this week knowing that the promise and victory of Jesus has already been won.


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