This week I have felt a sense of urgency  to put pen to page and write my thoughts on motherhood. I am a mom and I cannot think of a greater gift than being able to nurture children, watch them grow into who God is calling them to be and to bloom myself into who I have become. These treasures – these moments – are defined by the blessings of God and the blessings of my own mom. Mother’s Day shouts from every TV station, every radio program, every print ad, and every social media platform. Mother’s Day deserves recognition and hype but should allow for a gentleness and caring for all motherless daughters and sons and for all women who are mothers to the very core of their beings but have no children of their own.

As I reflect on motherhood with every memory, photograph and piece of the past, this year my heart beats unevenly with a deep sense of loss over the passing of my mom in January. This journey has given me glimpses of motherhood as snapshots into specific moments that mark who I am today and the kind of mother I have been as my own sons have become adults.

… Freeze frames of favorite toys, favorite vacations, favorite outfits

… Sound bites of uncontrollable giggles, Eskimo kisses, whispers, cries from scraped knees

… Movie moments of the first time my children walked or rode a bike, playing in the grade school band or their first basketball game

Each memory is strung together to remind, remember and rejoice in motherhood and to tuck away for a rainy day

This year – all women, whether you are a mom or not – have motherhood qualities and motherhood snapshots that should shine and shout of the gloriousness of what Mother’s Day is all about. This year – I am writing a tribute to all moms, motherless daughters and sons, and women who nurture everyday of their lives. These words are meant to heal, remind, and center us on all we have been given by our own moms.

Have You Ever…

Have you ever stopped suddenly and looked twice at the person walking beside you? Your second glance provided a picture of a beautiful person on the outside – well put together – glowing with beauty and confidence. Is that your mom?

Have you ever had a conversation with a person and intuitively knew that this person was listening even if her gaze was scanning the room checking on every  other detail? That is a mom!

Has the example of a life well – lived shaped you into the person you are today? The lessons of comfort, grace and courage were shaped, modeled and lived out daily by a mom – your mom and my mom!

Have you ever met someone who knew how to love – unconditionally? In a mother’s love, we see a reminder of God’s perfect love.


Have you ever watched a person set time aside each day to center and focus through prayer? My mom modeled this daily by reading her devotionals, praying the rosary and being still and quiet in the presence of the Lord. Putting Jesus at the center of your day and your family is a gift to all. Is this your mom?

Have you ever experienced grace and dignity in someone you know? Grace is elegance, a generosity of spirit and a gift from God to all. Dignity is self-respect and worthiness. Moms share grace each day as an extension of the grace God freely gives and as a reminder that we are loved and held in high esteem.

motherhood moments

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

These words were written today…

In loving memory of my mom – September 2, 1925 to January 11, 2014 – “You have fought the good fight, you have finished the race and kept the faith. You have received the crown of righteousness from Jesus because you lived your life longing for Him each day. Well done, good and faithful servant – well done!”

Side note: I was honored and blessed by God with many of the words above to give as a eulogy for my mom. God has walked alongside me and stitched the broken pieces of my heart back together with every tear shed, with every aching moment and when my brokenness seems overwhelming.



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