Yep-it’s here again! Monday in all its glory!

The beginning of a new week…

the day after Sunday…

the day we dread…

the start of the weekly treadmill of busyness.

How do we take Monday with a grain of salt and not let it overtake us?

How do we face our Monday with a readiness to conquer the week rather than letting the week conquer us?

Probing questions for sure and answers that can be as varied as the shades of crayons in a box of 96 Crayola crayons. All I know is that my answers might not match yours, but I can assure you that beginning your week on the right foot will allow for success, a positive outlook and better results when you reach the end.




How do you plan for the week?

As a teacher this looks like hours of lesson planning in order to do what’s best for kids. The other key ingredient is flexibility because even after the hours of lesson planning, you might need to change in midstream. Planning prepares you mentally to take control of the week but reality dictates how the week will turn out.

How do you prepare for the week?

Preparations involve the physical aspect of your planning. For me this looks like making copies, gathering materials and getting the classroom ready. Planning and preparing go hand in hand. Both can leave you feeling ready mentally, physically and emotionally.

Do you pray???

The most important part of being ready for any week is prayer. Centering on God and allowing Him to fill me spiritually with His grace and peace is what truly gets me through each week. Let these words from Corinthians wash over you as you begin your week:

10 God gives seed to farmers and provides everyone with food. He will increase what you have, so that you can give even more to those in need. 2 Corinthians 9:10 (CEV)

Our lives require us to give of ourselves constantly and God’s promise in the verse above, that He will increase what we have in order for us to give to others is a promise that I wish for all of you this week.

Thank you for stopping by!


It's Monday already??? Come on in - the door's wide open - bring your coffee and sit for awhile. Soak in some encouragement for your soul to prepare you for the new week.

It’s Monday already??? Come on in – the door’s wide open – bring your coffee and sit for awhile. Soak in some encouragement for your soul to prepare you for the new week.


Move Over Mondays is a place to stop by for encouragement each week. Hope you were encouraged and I welcome your feedback!




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