If you saw a snapshot of my childhood, you would see four brothers surrounding me as well as all the neighborhood kids. Summers were slow and easy days running through the sprinkler, playing kick the can and as soon as dusk hit, we played a favorite game called “Ghost in the Graveyard”. Every moment was spent with people, my people, and even on pool days, there was never a shortage of other kids to hang out with and make memories. In my childhood heart, this was home! Every moment, every memory that was made and every person that joined in creating this childhood fun were my family and where my family was I was home!

I am now older, some even call me grown up and the neighborhood has changed as well as the activities that I engage in with friends. But with age comes a sense of wisdom from having experienced life in many different ways. I have moved over the years but have never strayed far from my original neighborhood. I have learned that home can change physically, emotionally and mentally. My views of home have changed but there has always been one constant. Home is where my heart is!

Home, inside out heart

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