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2015 is my year to shine. That’s my word and I have been impatiently waiting for clarity and a complete unfolding of what it’s going to look like. As you know and I do as well, it’s only been a month- not even quite a whole month-twenty days in!

There is a misconception that more is better – that busy means productive – that pursuing a goal at breakneck speed will get you there faster. I don’t know about you, but this isn’t working so well for me. I am impatiently patient – my outer appearance looks calm and confident but my insides are always churning. Doesn’t sound like the recipe for healthy does it?

It seems the word “slow” is not in my vocabulary and even when I am sitting and give the appearance of slow, my mind is still going – thinking, planning, wondering how that next thing from God is going to unfold. But when I wrote about my one word for 2015 here, I shared that I had been hearing the steady rhythm of a voice saying, “I have big plans for you”. The key word is steady – not rushed, not impatient and not with plans that are already in sight – a slow, calm rhythm that beats and fills your soul with a promise that more is to come. A fresh breeze that gently sways the curtains framing your window on a spring day. There is no rush to God’s promises and even though I do not have any answers, a month later, He has all the answers and they are good.

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It’s time for me to take a deep breath, learn to be still, really still, to listen and learn how God wants me to shine this year. I need to soak in God’s word, be intentional in my quiet time and give myself the gift of a quiet that is unplugged and free of distractions. God’s promises come in the quiet opening of our hearts when we listen, hear and learn.

Do not shine so that others may see you. Shine so that through you others may see Him. C.S. Lewis

Today I am looking at this quote from C.S. Lewis with a new perspective. One where I step back and realize that busy and hurried happens because I am trying to shine my own light instead of allowing God to guide and teach me how to shine for Him.

Will you join me on this journey to being intentional for all God has planned this year? Will you join me in prayer as I learn what a slow down can really look like?

Please share ways that I can join you in prayer as you too pursue a life that is steeped in God’s plan and not your own.



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