My life has been marked by many events. which if I am honest, made me who I am today. Life lessons abound and are interspersed with several periods of putting my plans on hold in order to care for others. During the 31 day writing challenge, I read many posts about caregiving and the journey these people traversed to get to where they are now. I am intrigued by their stories and my heart feels deeply for them. Until recently, I did not understand that the words I read are ones that mirror parts of my own story.

2 Cor 9-7

As I struggled to balance a two week period recently, where my dad was in the hospital and his apartment needed to be cleaned out before the end of the month, I had a conversation with one of my brothers. I voiced concerns, frustrations and finally named my struggles with these words, “I am a caregiver”. He didn’t patronize me or downplay all the feels I was feeling at that moment. He came alongside and acknowledged this truth. I had never spoken these words out loud to anyone before this.

My story is your story. When we diligently serve others, but don’t identify ourselves as a caregiver, we share a story!

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I am so thankful you are here today!






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