How do we accept that God knows best when we are yearning for something different?

Being brave is a journey and this walk may look like we are moving forward or in a holding pattern. We learn to be brave right where we are because it is God’s will. Brave faith does not look like leaping over tall buildings every time we step foot out the front door.

So how do we bravely pray the words from Luke 22 below? How do we let God’s will for our lives become our will of acceptance and love?

Our passage to brave faith is never without twists and turns. A step forward could end up in five steps backwards. Only God can see us through to the end. An end that He has already planned for us. Our goal is to agree to step out with God on this journey and when we say “yes”, we accept God’s will.

Luke 22-42

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May we all pause and pray the words that Jesus cried out shortly before He died for us. May we learn to embrace God’s will as our own through this journey called life. Not my will, but yours, Lord!

Be brave and embrace God’s will today!


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