October and the Write31days challenge seems so long ago. Lots of life has happened between then and now. Life that is certain to change the look to the new year. Life that is certain to not only bring hope, but the chance to have brave play out for real. Now, it’s getting real, friends!

My challenge in October was to write about #bravefaith for 31 days. I successfully completed the task and quickly moved on because as much as I wrote about brave, it still was not part of how I am wired. God changes all that when we least expect it. A study of brave does not just become a part of your everyday for 31 days without leaving an impact. Right before Christmas, I received an email from my church that I responded to with a “yes” never thinking that my simple reply would become God’s plan for me. The word brave that I always thought should describe everyone else but me is now my word too. Here is the backstory that will bring you up-to-date. saying yes I have some exciting news to share with all of you. A little less than a year ago, my church, Crossroads, extended an opportunity for all of us to sponsor children from Compassion International. Having heard the pitch before at other venues, I didn’t really believe that this time would be any different. In the past, I did not feel the nudge to sponsor a child, but this weekend was different. As we were asked to prayerfully consider sponsoring a child from Nicaragua, I found myself getting out of my seat to secure my own packet and thus my own child. I now have a sweet almost four-year-old girl, named Claudia, who has joined my family and has a special place in my heart.

After this weekend took place, our church began a journey called “Brave”. I do not consider myself brave, but what we count as a weakness, God treasures as our gift. During this brave journey, I met with a small group and we explored our headings or goals. My goal at that time was to go on a mission trip to Nicaragua and more importantly to meet Claudia. God loves seeing our dreams come true as we seek to honor Him. Compassion child This March, I will be heading to Nicaragua with Crossroads to visit Claudia and work with Amigos for Christ in their work to provide infrastructures for the people of Nicaragua. I am beyond excited that God has chosen me and humbled at the same time. Being able to meet Claudia, through the people of Compassion International will be a highlight, but immersing myself in the environment and culture that she lives in will be even better. Doing God’s work out in the field is where my #bravefaith will be tested.

As I prepare for this trip, I would be honored if you would include the whole team and me in your prayers. Preparing is just one piece to the puzzle. Once we arrive, I would treasure your prayers that we honor God in all we do.

I am also asking you to prayerfully consider supporting me for this mission trip. I have never raised money in this way before and it feels rather daunting, but ultimately I know that God will provide since he has opened up this door for me. I am including the link below that takes you to my fundraising page. It is a secure page and any amount will make a difference.

I am blessed to call you each friend and knowing you are praying for me along the way, is the greatest gift. You are beautiful prayer warriors and God knew what he was doing when he intersected our lives together.

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I am blessed that God has chosen me to do His work through this trip to Nicaragua. With humble grace,


Here is the secure link to my donation page. I ask that if God is nudging you in this way that you act by January 25. I have been asked to turn in all money by January 26. This is a very short turn around due to the time frame that we have in order to secure plane tickets and due to not beginning this process until several weeks ago. Also, if this is still on your heart after the date, please contact me so I can share with you how to donate without using the fundraising page.



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