I am finding that brave does not happen when you allow yourself to be stuck. I wrote earlier in the series that staying still does mean staying stuck. Let me define still a little bit more. Still is when you are inviting God to be present in your quiet so you may center your thoughts on Him. It is not freezing in fear or uncertainty so that moving forward becomes impossible. Staying stuck is a conscious choice that involves no movement in thought or action. So which will you choose? Staying still to quiet your mind and fill it with God or staying stuck, which has you frozen in time?

Today we are looking at taking one more step. In our stillness, the challenges and times of seeking what’s next, we might question how to take that next step. How do we extend grace to ourselves and others? How do we move forward when we we can’t see the way? What does one more step look like when the challenge is bigger than ourselves?

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Rachel Wojo, in her new book, One More Step, takes us through her life and the challenges that she faced all the while teaching us how to take one more step. Rachel points us to God’s word and truth to carry us forward. Every step she took as she faced her own challenges was a brave step toward God, who she knew would ultimately carry her through.

Her chapter on grace impacted me greatly. After reading Rachel’s words on necessary grace, I connected how grace is needed in our journey to brave faith. Any journey is full of bumps, twists and unexpected turns. The path to brave faith is no different. Rachel writes, “grace is truly something each of us needs, especially when we feel like giving up”. How often do we want to end a journey when it doesn’t seem to be leading us where we want to go or when the way gets too hard? The grace of God was first present when Jesus came to earth in human form. God gives us grace because He loves us just as He loved His son. God’s biggest desire is to walk with us as we learn to bravely say “yes” and to gift us with grace along the way.

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Rachel wisely writes, “The situation we wish God would remove from our lives are often the lessons God uses to teach us to rely on Him.” She was referencing how God was teaching Paul that His grace is sufficient. His power is made perfect in weakness. When we accept God’s grace and admit we are weak, we are learning to be brave. I love how God teaches us not only through his stories, but in the words of others who cross our paths. Rachel’s book, One More Step, has done that for me.

In our stillness of mind and body, let’s embrace God’s grace as a gift for ourselves when we are uncertain of that next step. Let’s be kind to ourselves when brave looks like preparing our heart and mind for all God is going to do. Brave is not always a huge step that looks like leaping tall buildings or an obvious action that others immediately attribute to being brave. It is a gift of releasing all to God so brave can fill the spaces in our hearts we emptied for God.

Brave is a journey. It is baby steps toward choosing God while at the same time surrendering ourselves to His plans. It is looking forward even if we are in a waiting period. I will leave you with these words from Rachel Wojo…

Consistent movement in the present is what propels us toward the future.

Let’s keep our eyes focused on God as we walk forward bravely.


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