I began a journey last week-an exploration of 15 little words on the sleeve of my take out coffee cup – a questioning of what it means to live the life you want! The beginning was just that, a first step, a very small baby step that led to more questions but an opportunity to find some answers with all of you. The joy in the journey is that your presence here and your voice in the conversation will only make it better.

As I read these words “The only courage you ever need is to live the life you want” spoken by Oprah, I knew instantly that more time and study was needed to fully understand what those words mean for me but also for others. As I added a list of questions to dig into last week (click here to catch up), my heart knew that this journey would inevitably lead me closer to God and His anointing of me and everyone else for a life well-lived.

Today we will look more closely at passion and the question -Do I follow my passion and/or am I currently involved with my passion? To begin, I knew that I could successfully list what living the life you want is not.

Living you life you want

This short list highlights a life that is routine, self-centered and exhausting. This life does not highlight Jesus as the center and the passion to honor Him in all we do.

Your quick comeback might be “But I am following my passion! I am doing what I love to do! I am the living the dream!” The question is whose dream are you following???

As I read through many posts of encouragement or thought-provoking words on social media, I came across a little snippet on passion. Mike Rowe, a public figure who hosts the show “Dirty Jobs” was asked by someone why he said we should not follow our passions. His response was rather lengthy but here is the part that caught my eye. (Click here to read it in full-Off the Wall)

Mike Rowe over the years discovered that we, especially corporate America as well as big name stars, are too quick to offer the advice to follow your passions without any thought to understanding if this truly aligns with who you are and what your skill set might be. He also learned in his own life that even though woodworking was a passion, he was not very good at it. His grandpa gave him this wise advice “ ‘Staying the course’ only makes sense if you’re headed in a sensible direction. Because passion and persistence – while most often associated with success – are also essential ingredients of futility.” Mike finishes his response with the words “Don’t Follow Your Passion, But Always Bring it With You.” To me, this last quote sums up the fact that just saying we are following our passion doesn’t make it true and it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are fulfilled and skilled at it.

This leads to the question “is what I am doing what I want to do or what God has chosen for me?” Our real passion in life comes from God who chose us and our path even before we were born.

[Tweet “Aligning our purpose, passion and place in life requires the anointing of God’s plan for us.”]

Some very dear, wise people in my life have also described passion and their words always point back to Jesus. They describe passion as the gifts that God has anointed you with aligned with His plan for your life. Following your passions would look like aligning your life with what God is passionate about and sometimes this is not always in sync with your passions. It is a daunting task to follow God’s passions for us, but when we align our purpose, passion and place in life, God’s passion becomes who we are when we say “yes” to Him.



Your voice and your heart shared here on this page will bless the community that visit here. I would be honored for you to join in the conversation!

Next week, we will look at who we are living our life for-what centers us and what keeps us grounded and moving forward. I cherish each and everyone of you and would love to see you back here next week. If this post encouraged you or got you thinking and you don’t want to miss a single post, please sign up to receive my email newsletter.

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