A week ago I was treating myself to a morning coffee from Starbucks-a pumpkin spice latte to be more specific- in celebration of cooler weather and my favorite season of Fall. Wrapped around my signature Starbucks cup was a green sleeve with encouragement for the day. I found the quote from Oprah to be thought provoking and one that changes depending on the perspective that the words are viewed from. Oprah’s words speak about choosing how to live your life and the courage that you need to reach this goal.

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 The only courage you ever need is the courage to live the life you want. Oprah Winfrey

I knew I needed time to process all this quote was trying to portray, so I took a picture to preserve it. As I came back to the words while writing this post, I realized that studying our perspective would provide interpretation as to how we view life.

Let’s dig into the words of Oprah’s quote starting with “live the life you want”.

Questions that you might ask to determine if you are living the life you want would be:

1. Do I follow my passion and/or am I currently involved with my passion?

2. Am I living a life that is just, honorable and true and is this what I seek daily?

3. What is the life I want to live and do I have the courage to seek it out?

4. Am I living for myself, for others, for God-where is my focus and from whom or what do I get the fulfillment that proves I am living the life I want?

Any of those questions dig deep into who we are and who we are trying to be. All of those questions beg to be answered to understand if we have truly reached the life we are striving for. Living our lives requires focus, determination and perseverance. Oprah tells us it takes courage as well. I agree that it takes great courage to reach for the best us we can be. But this brings us to the second part of Oprah’s quote- the part that tells us courage is essential to living the life we want.

Some questions to help us understand courage are:

1. How do you gain courage in the midst of a world full of fear and insecurities?

2. Where does courage come from- a person, a thing, or from within?

3. Is courage attainable by everyone? Can you find courage to live the life you want?

And so, what started out as one quote on the green sleeve of my Starbuck’s cups has left me with more questions than answers. What began as a message of encouragement for those treating themselves to their morning coffee has left me pondering and wanting more answers as to what living life to our fullest is all about.

So in the coming weeks, I hope you’ll join me right back here as I explore 15 little words spoken by Oprah and what it all really means. I would treasure your comments and input below because my thoughts are just that-my thoughts but adding your voice here will add to the answers we can discover together. I have titled this post “Oprah’s Courage or God’s?” because if you know me at all I speak from a perspective that honors God in all. I do know that this conversation needs to include all other views so please share and join in. I look forward to seeing you back here next week. In order to ensure never missing a post, please subscribe via email on the top right.

From your heart to mine-with your voice and your perception – we will bring to light how to live the life we want.



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