Have you considered how brave you already are? Did you think it was possible that you are brave each time you make a decision in your everyday, ordinary life?

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When we choose God in our everyday and in our decision making, we are asking for His direction. This is such an important step on our journey to brave faith. We are acknowledging that we are made stronger and more able with His help. Taking our uncertainties, struggles, routines, and ordinary to God and releasing it makes us brave. We take a huge step forward through this release and it empowers us to be brave.

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Emily P.Freeman describes ordinary moments as Tuesday moments in her book, Simply Tuesday. It is remembering that Jesus shows up in the daily ordinary of washing dishes, carpooling, making dinner or helping your kids with their homework. Tuesday is the day of the week that is completely ordinary by default. All the other days are marked by being first, in the middle or the weekend.

When we are letting go of ourselves and releasing our mundane to God, let’s stop and consider the brave in these moments. Let’s think like Emily and instead of dismissing them as routines, embrace them as “unlikely portals into the kingdom of God where the goal isn’t to set them aside but to recognize Christ with us in the midst of them”.

Where is Christ in your brave today? Does He show up in unlikely places and times? Is it possible to feel ordinary brave faith in life’s routines?

Let’s recognize our brave faith today!


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