Today our series on perseverance continues with Holly Barrett’s story of recovery. Each week for eight weeks, my friends Holly Barrett, Debbie Kitterman, Patricia Krank and I are exploring our stories and challenges as we pursue our faith. We share how we persevere in and through the struggles life brings our way. Our stories share a common theme-God is our center and hope. To catch up on last week’s post, click here.

Holly begins her testimony with convicting words. In fact, when I began to read her words I felt my heart shifting. Even though her story is different than mine, her words hit home. I began to shake my head in agreement while whispering “me too”. Grab a chair, your favorite coffee or tea and let Holly’s story soak in.

I saw a meme online the other day that basically said a beautiful smile hides an injured soul so that no one can really tell how broken you are. I’m not sure if that’s a sadder commentary on our need to hide…or on others’ need not to know. Either way it reminded me of some days within my own recovery journey – days that were long and hard and often felt like they would swallow me whole. So I put on a smile so that no one would ever know.

One of the first things people notice about me is my smile. I love sharing it when saying “hi” or to let you know everything is great. But is it??? I also hide behind a smile and an “I am fine” response. It’s my nature, but we all have stories that go deeper than the first smile you see when you greet us.

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When you see my smile now, hopefully you see authenticity and a life revealed in how I live it. Follow the link here to finish reading how Holly discovered three things to rely on to persevere to recovery. Her testimony spurs us all on to persevere in recovery in our own lives.


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