You know those times that you go shopping and you find the perfect pair of jeans?

They fit just right and in that moment you want to buy every other pair in your size?

This is much like using the gifts that we have been blessed with by God. Each time we are engaged in an activity, job or ministry that uses our gifts, it feels just right. We are fed by a passion that grows when we use the gift and are energized by engaging in the same activity over and over. God knows what He is doing when He chooses gifts for each of us. I also believe that we honor Him every time we share our gifts in our daily lives.

play on-gifts

As humans, we follow a path that doesn’t always follow God’s path and our gifts get lost along the way. I have told my sons since they were young how God graced each of them with unique gifts and it pleases Him beyond words to share those gifts with others. Both sons have learned already that their passions are fueled when they are following God’s will and not their own. As a mom, it has been a beautiful snapshot developing before my eyes.

For the last thirty years my gifts have played out between the four walls of a classroom filled with children. The faces and ages have varied as well as the school buildings, but the constant that remains is the group of students needing love, encouragement and a teacher willing to share these with them. God graciously has allowed me to teach children and show them each day that they have the ability to do what education is demanding. Teaching is not about just teaching, but providing students with opportunities to grow in their own gifts. It’s the chance to watch these children grow while facilitating a learning environment that feels safe and full of love. Teaching looks like the Hands of God opening wide to embrace the hearts of each student. Teaching is God’s gift to me that has played out for a career and a gift that will play on as I move into retirement.

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I challenge all of us to play on… play on with the gifts that God has blessed us with and share this beautiful music in our lives as our song to Him. Play on friends… play on!


Have you ever been blessed to use your gifts for God and did it feel like trying on those perfect pair of jeans? I would love for you to share below!

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