Today Patricia Krank writes Part 3 of the Perseverance Series. Along with my friends, Holly Barrett and Debbie Kitterman, we are looking at what perseverance looks like in each of our lives. We not only share pieces of our stories, but practical tips and Scriptures as well. I don’t know about you, but I seek the tool of perseverance over and over as I seek God and practice endurance in the ups and downs.

Today Patti looks at the times when prayers remain unanswered. Her story resonates with my own. I also cry out “why” at times when I feel stuck and unheard.

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Patti writes:

Over the course of my life I’ve experienced numerous answers to prayer, some of them HUGE, and my faith has been deepened by it.  But there have also been times when I’ve come before God broken and begging for answers to the deep hurts of life – addictions, illnesses, death and other types of loss – and the answers haven’t been quick in coming.


As I’ve cried out to God I’ve often seen those around me rejoicing over His miraculous answers to their own prayers.  Sometimes I’ve even been a part of praying for those whom God has answered.  I truly rejoice with and for them.


And yet . . . I ask, “Have my own prayers become lost on their way to Your ears God?  Or do You care more for others than You do for me?”

Our cries to God don’t go unheard and answers come when we least expect it. God is faithful through our questioning. He always guides us to the answers. Patience and perseverance wrap around us when we trust Him to provide just what we need.

I am thankful that God doesn’t stop at our questions and leave us hanging. Click here to read the rest of Patti’s post. She leads us through God’s truths and gives us ideas to pull us through the times of waiting for answered prayers. You won’t want to miss the rest of her words.

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