Take a look, take a close look at this picture-what do you see? Trees, water’s edge, clouds, lush greens and blues? How does this picture speak to you? What story does it tell? The snapshot stirred a yearning in me to understand and know God more completely. Questions formed in my mind about the accuracy of what we see in a picture. Is it always what it appears to be or is the reflection portraying the reality in the picture? God is real, He is truth, He is the everlasting God, the Creator of all the earth. God can be found in everything around us. The people who intersect our days, the people whom we love, the people who are but a quick blur but somehow their contact reflected God’s presence in that quick moment.

God’s presence is far-reaching, widespread, immense and infinite. It completes our day and calms our nights. The fingertips of God caress us like a gentle breeze that floats in through the windows of our soul. It stirs us as the ebb and flow of the ocean’s tide laps the sandy beach. God is everywhere but are we looking for Him with focused eyes as a camera lens zooms in for the perfect shot? In our mind’s eye, do we have a perfectly focused snapshot of God in our lives or are we seeing only reflections?

I am currently learning about Gideon, a judge chosen by God to lead his people, but a rather weak leader who spent too much time questioning God and all that He asked him to do. Consequently, the Midianites continued to gain the upperhand because Gideon did know that God was who He said He was in his mind but the reality of this belief was not set in his heart. Priscilla Shirer, the author of the study on Gideon, says “when life’s shadows distort reality, those distortions can easily become our truth, ripping away from God’s truth and thwarting our purpose … His perspective might sound unbelievable and even look completely incorrect based on the way we are acting and feeling but trusting God and walking in His pronouncement of potential is the foundation of spiritual victory.”
Those words slayed me and cut into the core of my being. God wants to teach us and being open to reality and listening even during the ordinary routines of life are necessary so we don’t miss the lesson.

Our reality many times is not God’s reality. We are spending too much time looking at the reflection of life and questioning God rather than the reality of what God has planned for us. Just as in this picture, there are two views, we can choose to be like Gideon or choose to trust and know in our heart who God is and that He will do what He says He will do. His promises are true!


I am listening! Open my heart to your words and your ways. Teach me the truth of who you are on a daily basis in the snapshots of people, objects, and life that fill my day. Focus my heart on you and center my life on the true picture of your promises. Build my faith in you that I may carryout the ultimate plan you have for me. In the precious name of Jesus. AMEN!




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