Welcome to my weekend home away from home. Every other weekend I am blessed to hang out here with Barbie and share some words. It is one of my favorite things to do because of all of you. Today I am continuing to look at the rhythms in my life specifically the rhythm of the word. If you missed the other two posts about the 4 W’s click here and here.

God has a claim on my life and has since 2005. In that moment that I became His, I also was given God’s grace and love to share with others. In my new walk with God, my eyes were opened to learning how to be His child and I found the life lessons I needed in His Word. As a child growing up, I went to a structured and ritualistic church. The Bible was never promoted as a book that should be read, reflected on and a place to renew your mind. I missed out on one of the greatest gifts that we have as children of God.

rhythm of the word

Since my journey began in 2005, I have made time to read the Bible in its entirety, participated in many Bible studies with some amazing women, tried to understand these words that were written for all of us on my own and just tried to make it a daily habit. This past year has not been one of great success when it comes to daily reading in the word and as I have been exploring rhythms, I have scrutinized why I can’t seem to grasp the rhythm of the word.

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One verse has popped up more often in the last 6 months than any other and I am learning God has a specific reason why I need this verse right now in my life. Come follow me to The Weekend Brew to learn how God is using this verse to teach me the reason he’s not finished with me yet.

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