Over the last few weeks, I have been exploring life’s rhythms. When I first began, I discovered four rhythms that I wanted to work on in my own life. They naturally fell into this beautiful group named the 4 W’s – Welcome, the Word, Worship and Well-Being. God has worked in me and around me to bring an awareness as to how they should look and become part of who I am. Each one has made an impact as I dug into their meanings for me and practiced them in my daily life. But one has haunted me and has become my enigma. For many, the rhythm of well-being is the easiest, but for me it is one I will continue to learn and work on the rest of my life.

rhythm of well being

Right now, this rhythm looks like one giant step forward that ends up five steps back. This is where my worth and faith are tested on every level and where God whispers over and over, “See I am doing a great work in you”. But belief is everything and many days I don’t see the great work and I certainly don’t believe it is happening. It is buried so deep inside that a total excavation is needed to find the heart of who I have always been meant to be.

Working on belief in myself is a good place to start. Belief in yourself happens when the truth of who you are is louder than the voices that tell you otherwise. The truth is found when God’s Word is our go to source and everything else is disregarded. My go to verses are in Psalm 139 and keeping these on repeat in my heart is a beautiful source of comfort.

I am learning that …

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