Two weeks ago, I hung out with all of you here at The Weekend Brew and I wrote about Life’s Rhythms. Read more here. Since then during my devotion time, my reading and whenever I least expect it, God is speaking to me through His word or others to grab hold of these rhythms and learn more about them.


[Tweet “When we welcome God, He centers us and in the centering we become His.”]

Today as I reflect and rest from the world’s busyness, I hear God telling me that the rhythm of welcome is needed. Welcome is one of the four W’s that I said I am striving for in my life. The others are the Word, Worship and Well-Being. When I described welcome, I said,

“It is opening my heart to God’s whispers and calling. It is welcoming in newness and letting God guide my heart and my life. When we welcome God, He centers us and in the centering we become His. I am also learning to welcome friends into my home, heart and life. Creating and inviting real life meetings into our days grows our relationships.”

Find out how welcome has been unfolding for me by following me to The Weekend Brew.

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