Today is the 1st Sunday of Advent. A time for us to mark a new beginning. The preparation of our hearts for God’s greatest gift to us – His Son. It is our chance to embrace the hope of all that is coming.

Today I share past Advent traditions and the lessons God shared with me the last few years. On this 1st Sunday of Advent, there is beauty in looking forward while learning from the past. Two years ago, I wrote about story – our story and God’s and the grace that comes when the two are joined.

I wrote:

Advent is a time to dive into how God’s story and ours intersects and becomes the story of grace.

I dug into God’s word and wrote about beginnings and endings. What it looked like to pause in the chaos and to remember that God’s story is our story.

I continue to sift through the busyness of the season searching for the elusive peace I know is there. God’s peace is always present and just needs an invitation from us.

This Advent season is a time for growth once again. It will look different than the last few years because quiet stillness is the call God is laying on my heart.

Now more than ever, I am priming my heart. God is calling me to a deep heart work to make space for Him. I want to be ready for Jesus every day and not just during Advent.

Join me on this 1st Sunday of Advent for a time of reflection. Click on the video below. Share in the comments how you celebrated Advent growing up or if this is new to you.

Thank you for being here! Blessings!

I want to share that the introductory music in the video was created by my son, Nick Geisen.







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