A New Day

Suspended between darkness and the first light of day,

Caught between slumber and wakefulness,

The mind slowly wakes up as one eye opens a crack and then both slowly adjust to the morning light.

The body begins the slow dance of waking up,

One small stretch at a time, shooting oxygen to all ten fingers and eventually to all ten toes.

A new day begins!

a new day

The choice to embrace the slow dance beckons us to a new day of possibilities.

Presence is not just a state of mind but an acceptance of the “yes” to all the new day holds.

It is the permission to accept what comes your way

The opening of your heart to the whispers of all that will be.

a new day-clouds

Our awakening is reaching for God from beginning to end.

A matching of our footsteps with God’s as we walk through the day.

A heart cry to embrace and extend grace as we mirror our faithfulness

And a settling of ourselves into God’s truth.

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a new day-stones

But some days dawn with news that is heavy and hurtful

Our hearts weigh down with the burden of a broken world

We question “Why” over and over but the answers don’t come

The truth we know is not the truth splashed all over the news.

a new day-mercies

Hurting hearts, judgment, and misconceptions lead to deeper hurt

This is a new day to seek God’s truth and embrace His new mercies

A time for understanding love is an answer to all the questions

A new day to seek the goodness in others and in yourself and let it shine

The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning. Lamentations 3:22-23

As the new day unfolds into God’s glorious majesty

Seek love, share love and speak love.

Embrace the truth of God’s faithfulness from morning to night

And start each day knowing God’s mercies are new each morning.


His grace enough, His truth is all we need and His love is never ending!


Today I am standing on the truth that God is always good and faithful. May we pause and recognize our shattered world will be made whole by God’s grace and love.

In hopefulness and peace,

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