Brave Truths I am Learning 

To walk this life, we need bravery.

When the unknown charges from every corner, brave faith helps to move us forward.

Life is made of many bold steps.

Brave is found in the ordinary even though we expect it to be extraordinary.

We make courageous decisions everyday.

There is nothing ordinary about our lives when we live as a child of God.

We are all braver than we know!

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What God is Still Teaching Me about Brave Faith

Brave faith combines what we know with what we are still learning. It shows up in our everyday even when we don’t recognize it. Brave is saying “yes” when all we really want to do is hide and say “no”. Everything I know about stepping out of my comfort zone is a reflection of the faithfulness of God. He comes alongside us in our challenges and walks us to the next brave step.

Brave is never what we imagine but better than what we expect. It is the missing piece of the puzzle when fear threatens to overtake us. Brave faith walks us forward when challenges take us backward. When we feel fear, God is working behind the scenes to build us up so we can let it out. Brave is in you and also in me especially on the days we don’t believe it.

You are braver than you know!

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How God’s Truths Encourage Us on this Journey to Brave Faith

In the dark of night or the light of day, God holds us close in love and this makes space for courage.

When life derails, God steps into the brokenness with us.

We trust God’s promises because we know…

He heals the brokenhearted
and binds up their wounds.
4 He determines the number of the stars
and calls them each by name. Psalm 147:3-4

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When letting go feels like the next bravest thing we need to overcome, God’s heartbeat rhythmically beats in sync with ours repeating a message of hope and peace.

God is always with us. He will never forsake us and His “yes” is always better than our “no”. Brave takes us farther, higher and deeper than we think is possible when we trust God to be our strength every step of the way.

As we begin a new week, hold close the truth that you are braver than you know.

Bravely walking forward,

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