Do you love yourself? When you look in the mirror, do you smile at the person looking back at you? Does life leave you with a feeling of contentment more often than not?

I have a beautiful photo from my parents’ wedding day that depicts the reflection of my mom looking into the mirror with her mom standing behind her. When I look at that picture, I see contentment. The photo represents a looking back at how far my mom had come paired with a looking forward to the future. The snapshot creates the perfect backdrop for the third beatitude:

“You’re blessed when you’re content with just who you are—no more, no less. That’s the moment you find yourselves proud owners of everything that can’t be bought.” Matthew 5:5 MSG

The wedding picture symbolizes hope, promise and love. Looking forward makes you aware of the path you will journey from here on out. When we look back, we see the path that shaped us into our current selves. My mom portrays contentment and the peace that comes with it.

Contentment comes in waves as seasons of our life come and go. Motherhood balances between being very satisfying but also very hard. When our kids are little, we pray that we make it to the end of the day in one piece. During this season, contentment looks like surviving. When our kids fly the coop and our nest empties out, we pray the foundation we laid as they were growing up is enough. This season still contains worry, but mostly looks like hope that they will spread their wings and actually fly.

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I hold a hope that one day I will wake up and be happy with who I am in that moment. When I look into the mirror, I pray the person looking back is at peace. Now please don’t get the idea that I never feel contentment. The opposite is true more often than not. But there are days upon waking, I feel a niggling and hear a whisper that wants to convince me I am not enough and my work is worthless. Have you ever had those thoughts too?

The third beatitude proclaims we are blessed when we are content with who we are–no more and no less. Right now God chose me to live out my purpose as HIs child. I am not identified by the things I have accumulated over the years ( and there are a lot of things) but in the person God formed even before I was born. If tomorrow, I lost everything the blessing is that I still have best thing of all–God!

Today I am praying you know you are the proud owner of everything that cannot be bought. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you smile big because the person looking back at you is “you” and that is okay. As you strive to walk through the week, let God remind you of the beautiful person He created. Allow His truth to affirm the blessing He feels when He calls you “His child”. Take time to thank God for the gift of you.Then hold the truth that He delights in every piece that makes up the child He loves so dearly.

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