I fought God on this one. What do I know about the future? I sat quietly and wished for a different word to write about. Nothing but blank thoughts crossed my mind. Instead the word “future” looped on repeat.

As I gather my thoughts to share, I know without hesitation that God holds my future. When I try to control the outcome, I make a mess of it. If I let go of the details to God, things fall into place as beautifully as pieces of a puzzle.

I am in a season of moving forward. If I dwell too long on what this looks like, you may find me curled up in a ball in a corner. The trick is to stay steady and keep your eyes focused. Sounds easy, right?

The next few months will bring many changes to my relatively peaceful, retired life. A move across town to a new neighborhood. Selling my home that I have lived in for eleven years. Investing in my church community as an act of obedience. Saying “yes” to ministering to women by surrounding them with encouragement, vulnerability and authenticity. Letting go of my identity as a single mom and instead grasping a new identity from God – encourager, minister, disciple, leader and whatever else comes my way.

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Being a future thinker is not for the faint of heart. It requires steadfastness, trust, and perseverance. When God began to unfold His plan for me, I found myself giddy with excitement. As reality set in I experienced anxiousness and uncertainty. Questions came fast and furious. Am I equipped? Will I be enough for the role God is creating for me? How will I handle the ups and downs that are sure to happen? Will I persevere and know that God always provides?

Whew! it’s a good thing I’m not stopping with the questions. God tells us in Jeremiah 29:11 that He has a plan and a future for us. In Psalm 139, we are reminded that all are days were ordained in the story He has written for each of us even before we were born. And Paul shares this in Romans 8:

I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. Romans 8:18

I can reach for my future when I allow God to take my hand and lead the way. When I grasp these principles I am better equipped for the bumpy ride ahead.

Setting your stakes on future possibilities brings success when you keep your eyes focused on God.

Future thinking involves looking forward and letting go of the regrets of the past.

Believing in God strengthens your belief in yourself as you strive to fulfill the purpose God has written for you.

Your future is secure when your hope rests in God and the beautiful story He has written for you.

Our future has always been part of God’s beautiful plan. He lovingly created every hill and valley, nook and cranny along the way. God adores our yeses and works with us to create purpose, achieve goals and reach for the future.

I pray you take sometime to face the hard work of reaching for your own future. Scatter a few yeses in between and watch what God does. Hold fast to His promises and the hope of all He has in store for you.

***As an aside, it just so happens that “future” is the prompt for the Five Minute Friday weekly gathering of writers. When I heard what the prompt was going to be, I could not shake the thought I needed to write about my future. The usual drill when writing one of these posts is to set a timer for five minutes. I went way beyond five minutes and then some. I am sharing this post with the Five Minute Friday community as well as all of you. Please extend grace since I did not follow the rules this week! 🙂

Sabbath Blessings,


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